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Bryllups stærinlys designet som 3 lags lagkage med flot lerfod - Dollarstore.dk
DS - Folie balloner med "happy birthday" skrift 14.tommer
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Pop party - Lyse metalliske tillykke med fødselsdagen stearinlys .
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Pop party - Lyse metalliske tillykke med fødselsdagen stearinlys
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Blue Foil Number Balloon 65cm - Dollarstore.dk
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Haza - Party The Factory Tal Lys
Haza - Party The Factory Tal Lys

Tally for Lagkagen

Our number lights are designed to impress. With their beautiful and colorful design, they add a festive atmosphere to any layer cake. Whether it's a birthday , wedding or just a cozy gathering, our tally candles for layer cake will be the icing on the cake.

Tally lights for the layer cake - Details that make the difference

At Dollarstore.dk we go for quality. Our layer cake tallies are made from high quality materials to ensure they burn evenly and for a long time. You don't have to worry about your tail lights going out before the party is over.

Tally lights for layer cakes - Create magic on your cakes

Our tall lights are available in different shapes and colors, so you can choose the ones that best suit your apartment. Whether you prefer numbers, letters or shapes, we have it all. Let your creativity flow freely and create magic on your cakes with our tally candles.

So why wait? Make your next layer cake something very special with our number candles for layer cake from Dollarstore.dk. Order them today and discover how they can transform your cakes into beautiful masterpieces.

Remember, our layer cake toppers are perfect for any occasion, so be sure to keep them in stock for all your future festive moments. Visit Dollarstore.dk and find the perfect tally candle for your next layer cake today!

Tallys in the layer cake - A sweet surprise for children and young people

When it comes to celebrating special moments in life, the layer cake is a classic favourite. But what makes the layer cake even more unforgettable for children and young people? The answer is simple: Tallys in the layer cake!

Children and young people love surprises, and tally candles in the layer cake add an extra dose of fun and excitement to any festive occasion. Here are some reasons why they appreciate these colorful lights so much:

  1. Magic moment: When the layer cake is brought in with the number lights on, it creates a magical moment. The children stare at the blazing lights with wide eyes and wide smiles. It is a moment that encapsulates the entire joy of the party.

  1. Festive Atmosphere: Tally lights in the layer cake contribute to creating a festive atmosphere. Their different colors and shapes add a touch of fun and color to the party, making it an even more memorable experience.

  1. A playful tradition: Blowing out the tall candles is a playful tradition for the children. They get ready to blow, and when all the lights are out, it's time to make a wish. This part of the ceremony is something that children look forward to with excitement.

  1. Creativity and Personal Touch: Tallys in the layer cake also give children and young people the opportunity to express their creativity. They can choose number candles with numbers or letters to suit the occasion and add their personal touch to the layer cake.

  1. Sharing and togetherness: Sharing a piece of a layer cake with tally candles is a way to strengthen the bonds between the children. They sit together, sing the birthday song and enjoy the sweet result of their collaboration.

So let's remember that tall candles in the layer cake are not just candles; they are symbols of joy, celebration and togetherness. Children and young people appreciate these small but significant details that make their festive moments even more memorable. So the next time you serve a layer cake with tally candles, you know that you are creating smiles and memories for life in the younger participants!

Give a boost to the celebrations: Decorate your baked goods with tally lights for birthdays and anniversaries

When it comes to celebrating life's big moments like birthdays and anniversaries, it's not just the taste of the baked goods that counts. It is also the visual appeal that makes a difference. Here, tall candles for birthdays and anniversaries come into the picture as a fantastic decoration that adds an extra dimension of joy and celebration to your baked goods.

Birthdays with Flair:

Birthdays are special occasions that require extra attention to detail. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your birthday cakes with tally candles:

  1. Age-specific number candles: Use number candles with the number that matches the birthday boy's age. This gives a personal touch to the cake and makes it clear how many years are being celebrated.

  1. Color coordination: Coordinate the color of the tally candle with the birthday's theme or the birthday person's favorite color. This gives the cake a cohesive and festive style.

  1. Light patterns: Arrange the number lights in creative patterns on the cake, such as number formations, initials or simple images. This adds a touch of artistic flair to the baked goods.

Anniversaries with Elegance:

Anniversaries symbolize long-lasting love and commitment. Here are some ways to use tall candles to decorate anniversary cakes:

  1. Year: Use number candles with the anniversary year to celebrate the number of years the couple has been together. This is a beautiful way to highlight their love story.

  1. Hearts and Love: Use tall candles with heart-shaped designs to emphasize the theme of love and togetherness. It is a romantic and timeless addition to the cake.

  1. Elegant arrangement: Place the number candles carefully on the cake in an elegant and symmetrical configuration. This gives the cake a sophisticated and festive look.

Safety first:

Always remember to take safety into account when using tallow candles in your baked goods. Place them securely and make sure they are turned off before serving the cake.

So the next time you're planning a birthday or anniversary party, consider adding tall candles to your baked goods decorations. They will turn your cake into a true work of art and help create unforgettable memories for both host and guests.

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