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Hole snowflake sequins over 300pcs - 2cm
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Hoppy easter - glimmeræg på metalpinde 6stk foreskellige farver
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Hoppy easter - mini kyllinger på klemme farvede 3cm
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Hoppy easter - småkageformer 4stk i rustfri stål
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Hoppy easter - Silicone ægformer 20x12cm plads til 6 æg. BEMÆRK VIGTIG. Pga lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig farve.
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Hoppy easter - påske kunst sæt med piberenser, øjne og pompoms
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Hoppy easter - Klassisk hoppedyr. Pga lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig bland kanin eller kylling
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Hoppy easter - Påske skum-klistermærker med mange foreskellige
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Hoppy easter - piberenser strips i farver 60stk
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Hoppy Easter - Drawing Set With Stickers
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Hoppy easter - 8 store skumfigur i flere farver op til 25cm. BEMÆRK VIGTIGT. Pga lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig variant, det kan vær kaniner eller kyllinger
€2,01 €3,35
Hoppy Easter - 8 large...
Save 28%
Servietter, H 16,5cm, B 16,5cm, 20/pkk, Easter, Blå, Gul ⎮ 5713582553974 ⎮ DG_009193
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Hoppy easter - kunstig græs
Påskeægsdekorationer - 6 Stk
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Hoppy easter - 4 små påskekyllinger ca. 6 cm
€2,01 €3,35
Hoppy Easter - 4 Small...
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Hoppy easter - Skumfigur klistemærker sæt
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Hoppy Easter - Skrabbekunst med skrabber 2x A4 ark
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Hoppy Easter - ægformet skumfigur 20cm pink blå og gul 8stk
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Hoppy easter - Kæmpe påskedekoration til ophæng. Pga lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig variant
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Hoppy easter - 8 æg der kan åbner ca 6cm
€2,01 €3,35
Hoppy Easter - 8 Eggs
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Amazing mum - Pink silkepapirstrips 25gr
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Hoppy easter - 1meter æg garlende x 23cm
€2,01 €3,35
Hoppy Easter - 1 Meter...
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Hoppy Easter - 6 mini kyllinger 3cm
€2,01 €3,35
Hoppy Easter - 6 Mini...
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Hoppy easter - Påske skumfigur lavet af flamingo ca18x9cm
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Hoppy easter - Skum klistermærker plade med ca 25stk. Pga. lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig variant når du bestiller denne vare
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Hoppy easter - 9 balloner med kanin
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Hoppy easter - Stor chokolade æg former 19x12cm
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Hoppy easter - Kaniner på snor 10cm 8stk
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Hoppy easter - Påske hårbøje fancy design med 2 kaninformer. BEMÆRK VIGTIG. pga. lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig farve af denne vare.
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Dette naturlige silkepapir er fantastisk til at tilføje tekstur og dimension til påskehæmmere, motorhjelme gaveposer og meget mere. Med dette naturlige makuleringspapir er de kreative muligheder uendelige. Hver pose brunt strimlet silkepapir måder 50gr.
Save 61%
ArtiCasa - Keremisk beholder med låg - påsketema
Servietter, H 16,5cm, B 16,5cm, D 2cm, Easter moments ⎮ 5713582870637 ⎮ DG_009201
Påskelam i ren stearin 12 timer ⎮ 5701141013601 ⎮ GT_002079
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Hoppy easter - Påske skilt klistemærker med engelsk skrift
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Hoppy easter - Byg din egen vindmølle, sæt med 2 stk
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Hoppy easter - strik din egen pompom dekoration 2stk
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25gr rød silkepapir strips
WWI Tannenberg: Eastern Front 18+ ⎮ 8720254990071 ⎮ CS_1180866
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Hoppy easter - 3 stofkaniner på kunstig græs. Pga lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig farve når du bestiller denne vare
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Hoppy easter - Lys armbånd med blinkende lysfunktion batterier følger med. PGA lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig variant når du bestiller denne vare
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Hoppy easter - 3 klæbende bånd til kunst & kreativitet
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Hoppy easter - Kaninør & maske sæt 2stk hver

Decorate your Easter table with creative decorations

As Easter approaches, it's time to think about how you want to decorate your home. One area where you can really let your creativity flourish is with your Easter table decorations. Dollarstore.dk offers a multitude of options for creating a memorable Easter table. Our selection ranges from traditional Easter eggs and figurines to modern decorative elements that give your table a unique touch.

Everything you need for decorations for Easter

At Dollarstore.dk, we know that decorating for Easter is about more than just eggs and bunny figures. It's a time to experiment with colors and shapes, which is why we've made sure to have something for everyone. From pastel colored string lights, to table runners and napkins with Easter motifs, we ensure that your Easter celebration will be both stylish and seasonally decorated.

Admirable Easter table decorations

Easter table decorations should not only be festive, they should also be a conversation starter, just like Christmas decorations . At Dollarstore.dk we have everything you need to impress your guests. Create an eye-catcher with our handpicked Easter decorations. Feel free to combine classic elements with unexpected details to create an Easter table that stands out.

Your destination for Easter decorations

We at Dollarstore.dk are proud to be able to offer a wide range of Easter decorations that suit every home and budget. Our user-friendly website makes it easy for you to find and choose the perfect elements for your Easter decoration. With just a few clicks, you can have everything you need sent straight to your door.

So get your home ready for Easter with Dollarstore.dk. We have all the Easter decorations you dream of to welcome spring with open arms. Shop today and let your Easter celebration be a time of beauty, joy and lots of creativity!

The benefits of having Easter decorations in your home

Easter decorations are not just a visual treat; it can have many positive effects on your home and your well-being. Here are some of the many benefits of integrating Easter decorations into your home decor:

  1. Improves mood

Colors and shapes have a documented effect on our mood, and Easter is traditionally associated with bright and cheerful colors. Decorating your home with Easter decorations can therefore contribute to a lift in the mood and create a feeling of optimism and joy in the home.

  1. Marks the change of season

Easter decorations help mark the transition from winter to spring. Decorating for Easter can be a ritual way of saying goodbye to the dark winter period and welcoming the brighter and warmer months.

  1. Promotes creativity

Choosing and arranging Easter decorations can be a creative process that allows you to express yourself and experiment with different decorative elements. It can also be a fun activity where the whole family can participate and let creativity flourish.

  1. Creates coziness

In Denmark, 'coziness' is a central concept, and decorating for Easter can reinforce this feeling of coziness in the home. Easter decorations can add an extra dimension of coziness through soft pastels, warm lighting and inviting decorative objects.

  1. Stimulates togetherness and tradition

Decorating for Easter can also be a way of nurturing traditions and creating a focus for family togetherness. It can be the occasion to gather family and friends for Easter lunches and other celebrations.

  1. Adds personality to the home

Easter decorations allow you to show your personal style and taste. It's an opportunity to add personal details that tell stories about you and your family.

  1. Improves hospitality

If you plan to have guests at Easter, Easter decorations can make your home more inviting and festive. It shows your guests that you have made an extra effort to create a special experience for them.

So including Easter decorations in your home is more than just a fun tradition; it's a way to renew the energy in your home, promote positivity and togetherness, and celebrate the change of season. Whether you prefer discreet or extravagant Easter decorations, the benefits can be felt by everyone who enters your Easter-decorated home.

That is why we celebrate Easter

Easter is one of the oldest and most significant holidays in the Christian church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion, as described in the New Testament. Easter falls on a Sunday, a date that varies each year as it is determined by a lunisolar calendar like the Jewish Passover.

Easter's roots and Christian traditions

The history and traditions of Easter span several thousand years and have roots in both Jewish and Christian traditions. The Christian Easter celebration originates from the Jewish Pesach festival, which commemorates the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Christians see Easter as the fulfillment of the prophecies about the Messiah in the Old Testament and as a holiday that celebrates resurrection and new life.

Easter week

The week leading up to Easter Sunday is known as Holy Week or Easter Week. It starts with Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Maundy Thursday marks the memory of the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples. Good Friday is the day when Christians remember Jesus' suffering and death on the cross. Saturday is a day of silence and meditation on Christ's death, while Easter Sunday (Sunday) is a feast day celebrating the resurrection.

Easter traditions and customs

Easter traditions vary widely among Christian cultures, but many of them include church services, Easter vigils, processions, and special meals. The Easter meal is often a central element where families and friends gather to share food and celebrate together.

Easter eggs and the Easter bunny

In many cultures, the egg has become a symbol of new life and resurrection. The Easter egg as a tradition can be traced back to the early Christians in Mesopotamia, and it has since become a common custom in many parts of the world to decorate eggs for Easter. The Easter bunny bringing Easter eggs is a custom that is more widespread in Protestant countries and has roots in German folklore. The hare represents fertility and renewal.

Easter decorations and celebration

Easter decorations often include eggs, chickens, hares and spring flowers, all of which symbolize new life and rebirth. Many homes are decorated with branches and flowers, and Easter egg hunts are organized for the children.

Modern Easter celebration

In modern times, Easter has also developed into a non-religious holiday for many, where the focus is on family, spring and togetherness. Although the religious aspects of Easter are still central to many, others use Easter as a time to enjoy the beginning of spring and participate in non-religious Easter customs.

Easter in Denmark

In Denmark, the Easter celebration often combines both Christian traditions and folk customs. The Easter table is an important tradition where Danes enjoy special Easter dishes and snacks. The Danes also decorate with Easter branches and feathers, and many send Easter letters, which is an old custom where you send anonymous rhymes or riddles to each other.

Easter is thus a time for reflection, celebration and togetherness, where old traditions continue and new ones are created. Regardless of whether the celebration is religious or secular, Easter has a special place in many people's hearts

Tips: How to set a nice Easter table

Setting a beautiful Easter table creates a festive atmosphere and is a central part of the Easter celebration. Here are some tips for creating an inviting and seasonal table setting:

  1. Choose a color theme

Easter is known for its bright and cheerful colors. Choose a color theme based on spring pastel colors such as pale yellow, mint green, baby blue or delicate pink. These colors can be included in everything from the tablecloth to napkins, plates and table decorations.

  1. Natural elements

Use elements from nature to create a spring feeling. Fresh flowers, branches, moss and Easter grass can be used to create a vibrant table decoration. Small potted plants or spring bulbs such as daffodils and hyacinths can also add charm to the table.

  1. Easter eggs

Integrate Easter eggs into your table settings. You can use real, blown-out eggs that are painted or decorated, or artificial eggs made of different materials. Place the eggs in a basket as a centerpiece or use them as name cards by writing the guests' names on them.

  1. Napkin folding

Fold the napkins in a creative way to add a unique touch. You can fold them like Easter bunnies or in a simple fan, which gives an elegant look. Use napkin rings to collect them, possibly with small decorative elements such as feathers or small branches.

  1. Easter decorations

Small Easter figures such as hares, chickens or lambs can be cozy details on the table. These can be placed between courses or next to each plate as part of the table setting.

  1. Frame and cutlery

Feel free to use frames with Easter motifs or keep it simple with white porcelain, which makes the colorful elements stand out. Make sure the cutlery is nice and shiny and the glasses are clean and clear.

  1. Lighting

Create a cozy atmosphere with candles or small LED lights. You can choose lights in your color theme or keep them in neutral colors like white or beige.

  1. Creativity with the location

Consider placing a small gift with each envelope for guests to take home. It could be small Easter eggs with chocolate, a small bag of homemade cookies, or a small Easter decoration.

  1. Place cards

Place cards can be a creative element on your Easter table. You can make them yourself with paper, small branches and Easter motifs, or even use small terracotta pots with names written on a pendant.

  1. Play with heights

Use different heights to create dynamism on the table. Place flower arrangements or candle holders on cake stands or you can choose to stack books to create different levels.

Remember that the key to a beautiful Easter table setting is in the details and in the joy and love you put into creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Let your creativity flow and create a festive and memorable Easter table setting.

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