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Berilo - automatisk Sæbemaskine med sensor 350ml (bruger 4xAAA batterier/ medfølger ikke)
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Berilo - Badværelse porcelæn sæt 4 dele
Dalan Therapy - Flydende håndsæbe refreshing 400ml
 Elina B5 Pro Vitamin Shampoo 250 ml  ⎮ 4326470614131 ⎮ GP_026196
Barberians cph - Barber Skål ⎮ 5709954021745 ⎮ CS_1148528
L' Oreal Paris Majirel Cool-Cover 8,11 50ml ⎮ 3474630666900 ⎮ GP_015869
Princess 339600 stangstøvsuger sort og blå ⎮ 8713016089847 ⎮ GP_023508
Scottish fine soaps Rose Bar sæbe 1 stk ⎮ 5016365011860 ⎮ Nv_001780
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Hand soap 1 liter refill bottle from Abena
€1,34 €10,72
Hand soap 1 liter refill...
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Lux Soft Touch Bright impress sæbe bar (3x80g)
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Rodalon Håndsprit 70% 500 ml ⎮ 5702480292320 ⎮ GP_015870
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Lux - Sæbebar 80g Bright Impress
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Sesderma Lactyferrin håndgel 250ml ⎮ 8429979461759 ⎮ GP_023614
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Håndsprit - Ethanolbaseret 80% med Glycerin 1000ml
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Simple - Pure bloksæbe 2x100g til følsom hud
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Sort blød keremisk sæbedkål med tynd gummi-overtræk

With the many different tasks your hands carry out during the day, they are also exposed to a great deal of dirt and bacteria, which is precisely why it is also important to wash your hands frequently to avoid getting sick. With a good hand soap, you not only clean your hands of dirt and bacteria, but also moisturize your hands. When you wash your hands, you run the risk of your hands becoming dry. Especially if you wash your hands many times during the day, for example if it is necessary for your work, it wears on your skin and it can cause rough and cracked hands. It's annoying, hurts and doesn't look very nice. Fortunately, there is help available by choosing a delicious hand soap.

A good hand soap should easily remove dirt and grime from your hands, so you get rid of the feeling of greasy fingers. Many hand soaps also contain moisturizers, which make the skin on your hands soft and supple. You can find both liquid hand soap and soap bars that contain moisturizer. If you like liquid soap, there is, for example, this Dove hand soap , which takes care of your hands. If you are more into soap bars, this Dove soap bar could be something for you. Both the liquid hand soap and the soap bar are available in neutral varieties and in versions with different scents, so you have the opportunity to choose the soap that suits you best. By using moisturizing hand soap, you can avoid rough hands that crack and crack easily.

If you have more delicate skin on your hands, you may be interested in avoiding products with perfume. Therefore, you can also find a neutral hand soap without perfume, which is for sensitive skin. It is particularly suitable for those with asthma or allergies, as it contains neither dyes nor perfume.

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