Pro tools - 12-piece saw set for tiles, wood, metal, plastic, glass and more

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Multi-Function Hand Saw Tool: Versatile hand saw kit with hacksaw and wood saw blades for cutting wood, plastic, rubber, bamboo, rope, metal, stainless steel, tile, stone, wood and PVC (flat saw blade) etc. All in One: 15 in 1 Magic Saw Kit supplied with saw blades and accessories that stay in place with slots and small magnets in a light and compact portable case, it fulfills your multifunctional DIY projects, outdoor or home leisure activities to work with wood for different types of materials. Creative design: Magic multi-function handsaw cuts in straight line and curve. The design of the handle can be extended so that you can use it easily and reduce finger pain. Flexible portable blade (grinding). The saw set has an ergonomic design. The non-slip handle is ergonomic and allows you to use it easily, and your hand will not feel pain after use. and the sharp bandsaw blade lets you finish cutting jobs quickly. Various Applications: The chainsaw set is light, compact and fits in a case that is easy to carry. An essential handsaw set for the family, widely used in construction, decoration, crafts and outdoor activities. Product description
The multi-function saw set is widely used in construction, decoration, craft processing, even can be used as a survival tool. It is a necessary tool for every family.
1 bow saw.
5 steel saw blades.
1 large wood saw blade.
2 diamond saw blades.
2 tile drills.
1 saw blade screw
1 plastic tool box.
1 user manual (French not guaranteed).
1. Please wear protective gloves while sawing. Please turn the screws to tighten the adjustable seat to the blades before cutting.
2. Be careful with your fingers while using it.
3. You better wear glasses like sawing something like metal or other hard materials.
4. When using the sharpening saw blade, add water drops continuously, otherwise the saw blade is easy to sharpen.
5. Use it with even force while sawing. You must remove the blade from the saw body after sawing.
6. Do not touch the saw tooth when using it to avoid injury to yourself.

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