Night goggles for the car Protects the eyes from being dazzled

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Are you blinded by traffic lights and oncoming traffic when it's dark? Most drivers are aware of this problem, and it is a significant risk in traffic in general. Fortunately, there is a solution.
When you use night driving glasses with a filter, you avoid being dazzled. At the same time, you get a sharper contrast and avoid becoming blind in the dark when an oncoming motorist has passed. The night driving glasses are also recommended in weather with low visibility such as fog, haze, rain and snow. The special properties of the driving glasses are due to the specially developed high-contrast lens, which filters the annoying rays in the light.

40 percent higher accident risk when driving in the dark
If you look at the accident statistics, there is good reason to be vigilant when you, as a road user, go out on a dark winter afternoon or in the evening or at night. This applies to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. The accident risk is approximately 40 percent higher in the dark than in daylight. This is shown by figures from the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics, which has reviewed a number of analyzes of accidents in the dark.

About the glasses:
The glasses with black lenses work best for driving in an urban environment and the glasses with yellow lenses work best for driving in the countryside.
The brown glasses have yellow lenses.
The black glasses have black glass.
There is not a clip in the package.

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