Lenor - Rinse Beads Scent Booster Spring Awakening

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Lenor - Rinse beads Scent Booster Spring Awakening 176gr

Experience Lenor laundry perfume in-wash fragrance boosts the last born of Lenor feel-good experience. For a boost of non-stop freshness for up to 12 weeks of storage, Lenor infuses your clothes with Spring Awakening fragrance. Wrapped in the scent of fresh spring fragrance! Inspired by classic chypre clean notes and refreshing Bergamot, you can look forward to a revitalizing, uplifting experience that will leave you refreshed and completely refreshed. Lenor Spring Awakening In-Wash Scent Boosters were created to work in perfect harmony with Lenor Spring Awakening Softener. Try them together for more of the scent you love!. Lenor in wash scent booster now comes in a moisture resistant, reusable CARDBOARD PACKAGE.
A boost of non-stop freshness for your laundry for up to 12 weeks of storage, In-Wash Scent Booster - wrapped in the scent of fresh spring scent! Inspired by classic chypre-clean notes and refreshing Bergamot, Lenor in-wash scent booster now comes in a moisture-resistant, reusable PAPERBOARD PACKAGE, Adjust the scent intensity by choosing the amount of beads you want to use, Lenor in-wash scent booster beads are available in different scents and sizes, Can be added to all loads, with all types of fabrics, Pour the scent booster beads into the wash directly into the empty drum before your laundry, Try them with the matching Lenor fabric softener

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