Omo Color liquid detergent 1000ml

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Omo Color Liquid Detergent washes thoroughly clean, even in short washing programs.
Omo Color Liquid Detergent for brilliant clean colored laundry
Omo Color detergent contains detergent boosters and washes effectively
This liquid detergent is suitable for short washing programs
Omo Color detergent is for all textiles, except wool and silk
This detergent also ensures clean laundry at a low temperature
Good for 20 washes per bottle of detergent

Omo color wash Liquid Detergent is suitable for dyed and dyed laundry. Omo has been a trusted brand in the Dutch detergent market for years and has been hygienically clean for just as long. Omo washes thoroughly clean even with short wash programs. It effectively removes all kinds of stains from your white laundry and leaves your laundry sparkling clean and fresh. So with Omo you can get thoroughly clean, and quickly! With Omo you save time and have time for other things. In this way, you can make your household more efficient with Omo. Omo Color Liquid Detergent comes in a bottle made from recycled and 70% recyclable plastic.

The improved bottle ensures that you can pour even better and that the bottles do not leak. Use the right detergent for different types of laundry: Omo Color for your colored laundry, Omo White for your white laundry. Also use the correct washing program for the different materials and always wash at the lowest recommended temperature. All your clothes will stay beautiful longer if you wash them inside out. Then your fibers are better protected and remain intact for longer. Please note: For the freshest result, do not overfill the machine.

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