Ariel All-in-1 Pods - Med Lenor Unstoppables Aromaer 10 Pods

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Extraordinary Cleaning in 1 Washing Capsule with full fiber protection

Anti-Pilling and Anti-Stretch
Detergent Bellows coated with movies that dissolve fully in contact with water
Excellent Cleaning Even in Cold Water
User friendly: No Dosage and Slope Necessary

all-in-1 ariel pods:
Remove stains
Make the clothes brilliant
Fresh scent

Designed for cold + full fiber protection: Color protection, antipilling and anti-Stretch
ARIEL ALL-IN-1 gives extraordinary cleaning in 1 small pod. The unique design of Ariel All-in-1 Pods + Fiber Protection Detergent Capses with multiple spaces keeps the ingredients stable and separated until they reach washing, where they deliver super-concentrated cleaning power. The innovative layer of the Ariel laundry tablets is completely dissolved by contact with water and releases their powerful cleaning power that fights a wide variety of spots and gives you the right amount of Ariel's best liquid detergent. Use with Lenor Rinse and Unstoppebles, a scent amplifier for laundry, for an extra boost of softness and freshness. NB. This product can be harmful and cause serious damage. Keep Ariel Pods out of the reach of children. Visit for more information. 1 bellows for 1 wash. Place the pod in the drum and then place the clothes on top to use the product effectively.